Mexico 2010

We´ve always said that we’d like to leave Sweden in February and go some place warm. This time we actually decided to do so. Just relax, not running around as we usually do. We were of course completely unaware that we had picked the best year to make such plans. After we left Sweden it went ice cold and they had more snow then we’ve had in years.

After several flight delays we arrived in Cancun totally exhausted. We took the ferry to Isla Mujeres and walked to the hotel. It was late and we went to bed immediately.

Our stay in Isla Mujeres was very calm. We had breakfast for hours, went to the beach and stayed a couple of days by the pool due to Johan’s stomach problems. The weather was rather unpredictable, very good some days and others were rainy. We walked along the coastline and looked in the small shops that were on the island.

Unfortunately Isla Mujeres has become a tourist trap and it was really not our thing. It was as far from authentic you can get. Every other store gave you a drink for free if you so much as bought a newspaper and that really describes the spirit of the island. A lot of people were drunk at 7 AM and stayed drunk all day.

But if you ignore that and just want a beautiful beach, you´re fine. We were lucky to go to Isla Mujeres first. That made the whole stay rather OK. If we had gone to Tulum first and Isla Mujeres afterwards it would have been painful.

After a week we went to Chichen Itza by bus. The bus that we intended to take was cancelled so we had to go several hours earlier, making us arrive in Chichen Itza 11.30. We had planned to visit the park the day after, so we more or less tried to kill time during that day.

We spent the following day in the park. It was amazing to be able to walk around, more or less by ourselves. It was totally quiet and no people around for the first hours. We enjoyed the atmosphere and went to the lightshow in the evening. Unfortunately not any good. We took off for Tulum the next day.

We arrived by lunchtime and really liked the town the minute we got of the bus. Tulum is not that touristy like many other towns in Riviera Maya. A little sleepy, of course some tourist shops, but quite likeable. Tulum consists of three different areas-the riviera area, the ruins and the town.

We stayed at a very small hotel in town called Posada Luna del Sur. If you ever go to Tulum – stay there. One of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed at. Not luxurious, far from it, but with an atmosphere that you rarely find. Not many hotels match the service on this one.

We spent most of our time at the beach. Absolutely beautiful beach. The more south you travel the better it gets. We were able to have a rather large area by ourselves every time we went there.

The Tulum ruins are something special. No photo can do it justice. We’ve seen a lot of ruins and to be honest, we’re not easily impressed by now. But the ruins of Tulum was definitely something extra. The location by the beach was absolutely stunning.

Tulum is a great spot to do excursions from. We didn’t do that much since Johan hurt his foot the first day we got there. We enjoyed the sun and the good food instead.

Photos from Mexico