After a lovely Brazilian breakfast (they truly know breakfast in that country) we went to the falls again. This time we were walking along a trail a bit further away from the falls. The views were amazing. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, and probably one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen during our different journeys in the world. We took it slow and just enjoyed the views for a couple of hours. We took the bus to the airport and went to Rio.

We got to Rio in the evening and had a drink by the pool before we went to the beach. Finally some heat! It was really nice sitting there in the sand when it was all dark, just listening to the waves.

The following morning we had our last city tour. First we went to the Sugarloaf Mountain to enjoy the beautiful view over Rio. It’s really built on a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains with a nice view over the sea. Our city tour was a bit strange, we saw most of the city from the bus without getting out of it. We guess it was a security matter, but it felt kind of weird. Our only stop except for the Sugarloaf was by a very different church. It was shaped like a cone and quite nice.

We had a quick lunch before we went to the Corcovado Mountain where the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer stands. Unfortunately one of the trains had broken down so we had to wait for hours just to get to the top. Once we got there it wasn’t that much to see. It’s more or less the same view as on the Sugarloaf Mountain. Getting back was much worse. We waited for three hours in line to get down from the mountain. What a waist of a beautiful day. When we got back it was all dark and we were in a rather bad mood to have lost the day like that.

The following day we went to the beach. Our hotel had a really good location on Copacabana where it wasn’t that many people at all. In the afternoon we went to do some shopping and had a really nice dinner afterwards.

Our last full day was our anniversary. We spent it well on the beach and went for a long walk in the afternoon. In the evening we had dinner at a really good steakhouse. The food was splendid! Afterwards we went to the most embarrassing show on earth-the Plataforma show. It was suppose to be samba, but we were later told that the people who worked there got their jobs because they looked good. None of them could dance. And we’re sorry to say that the rumours were right. It was pure torture to see it. They were really bad dancers and as soon as they weren’t in the spotlight they yawned and looked really bored. As if nobody would notice. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. The only attraction was the carnival-costumes they had in the end of the show.

The last morning was spent on the beach before we went to the airport to go home.

Photos from Brazil