When we got of the catamaran on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca there was a bus waiting for us. People were rather nervous. There was election in the country and there was some political instability. It was forbidden to drive a vehicle, so our bus had a special permission. We went by completely deserted roads, pretty spooky. You could see fires and dolls hanging from trees along the way. When we got to La Paz we heard on the news that people had been killed.

Jenny woke up by 3 in the morning with a cold and fever the following day. Unfortunately it was her birthday. We had a city tour in the morning so we just had to pull ourselves together and get out of the bed.

First we went to the Moon Valley. We were a bit disappointed because we expected more from it. Wind and rain have formed the landscape into a moon-like scenery.

We went to the main square just in time to see the public carry the mayor out of the parliament. It’s tradition to carry out the looser of the election. Our guide was rather nervous and expected some disturbances. We didn’t stay long, but we got the time to see the bullet holes in the buildings that were left since the last time tanks occupied the square two years ago. We also saw the parliament and the bank next to each other. The source to Bolivia’s poor finances since their presidents have developed a habit to empty the state finances directly after taking the oath.

We left for a lookout over the city and then on to the old colonial buildings. They were really beautiful. There was a music museum in the old neighborhoods that we visited. Our last stop was the old witch markets. Tourist trap if you ask us, but it was fun to see. Our biggest attraction in the country was their electricity. There were wires absolutely everywhere!

We took a rest at the hotel and went back to the witch market. We tried to find a wall covering, but we didn’t find any we liked. Since La Paz is situated on a very high altitude the fumes never go away. They really got to us, so we went to a pharmacy to get some medicines for Jenny and then back to the hotel straight to bed.

Photos from Bolivia