Washington DC

We didn´t sleep much on our flight, but there was nothing to loose. We had one day in Washington and we might as well use it the best we could. We had breakfast at the airport before we took a bus into town. We left our bags at the hotel and tried to wash ourselves a little bit before we left the hotel, but it didn´t help much. It was of course the hottest day in 60 years and it was +40 degrees outside, but we steered for The White House. We were really amazed over how green and beautiful Washington was.

We went on to the Lincoln Memorial and passed the Washington monument along the way. It was very convenient to have all the sights within walking distance. We stopped for a while by the new monument over the second world war. It was very beautiful and nice with all the water.

The area is very beautiful and well thought through since you have free sight over the lawns to Capitolium. The heat was really heavy even it was still early morning. It wasn´t that easy to find something to drink. We nearly crawled when we passed the monument over the Korea war heading for the Smithsonian to get something to drink. The museums weren´t exactly our taste. We’re not that interested in the First Ladies dresses and things like that. 🙂

It was lunchtime and we thought about getting something to eat along the way when we walked towards the FBI headquarters. We saw a restaurant but you had to pass metal detectors and body search to get in! By that time we absolutely had it with american security so we passed it. FBI was unfortunately closed for renovation so we couldn´t enter. They have an interesting tour, but we will have to save it for another time.

We went back to the Smithsonian and ended up at McDonald’s. It was huge! They handed out burgers like it was a factory. Amazing. We went to the Air and Space Museum afterwards.

Next stop was Capitol Hill. We felt sorry for the guards that patrolled outside in the heat fully dressed with bullet-proof vests and weapon that were bigger then themselves. We headed for the Library of Congress, but they were closing so we never entered. We went on to the Supreme Court, but they were closing as well. Bad luck…

We made a real exertion and took the subway to Arlington Cemetery. It was really big so we chose to walk to the Kennedy graves and the grave of the Unknown Soldier. It took a few hours… We were lucky to get just in time for the guard-mounting by the grave of the Unknown Soldier. It was beautiful and ceremonial. The Kennedy graves were special too.

After that we definitely had it and took the subway back to the hotel. We packed our bags, took a shower and went to bed. We were totally exhausted after running around for 15 hours in the heat.

We woke up totally unconscious the day after. The time was 7.46. How could that be right? Our bus was leaving 6.30 and our plane 100 km away was leaving at 9.30. We nearly flew out of our beds. Johan checked out, Jenny got a cab. 7.49 we were on our way to the airport. Must be the quickest we´ve ever left a hotel. We were just praying we didn´t forgot something important at the hotel. We got stuck in the morning traffic, but we finally made it …

Photos from Washington DC