San Francisco

Got a shock when we got of the plane in San Francisco. Freezing. First the heat in NY, the humidity and the heat in New Orleans, the heat in Las Vegas and then 15 degrees and windy in San Francisco. We were wearing all the clothes that we had with us, but it didn´t help.

We left our bags at a  very cosy service minded hotel before going out to buy some more clothes. We had avoided shopping so far so we didn´t have to carry everything around. When we finally were going to there wasn´t that much fun to buy. We got ourselves a really good Italian restaurant with heavenly pesto. After that we went to the hotel to cure Johan’s cold that was getting worse.

Johan was really bad so we didn´t get out of bed until eleven. Much warmer then the previous day. We went to Alamo Square and looked at the beautiful houses. What we didn’t expect was the slum that was literally waiting behind every corner. A lot of poor and outcast people everywhere.

We went through Panhandle on our way to the Golden Gate Park. We sat by the flower conservatoire for a while and had a hot dog that was more like a dinner. We walked through the park to the ocean. We took a bus back and stopped along the way to walk around a small cute lake. We should have walked up to Twin Peaks, but it was so misty so we skipped it. We took a bus to Market Street and bought a pair of jeans each. We bought more medicines and took a small supper at the hotel.

We went up early to go to Sonoma Valley and Muir Woods. We went to a small village where we were stuck for an hour and a half with nothing to do. Then we went to four different wineries. We had lunch in the beautiful garden of Belvedere before moving on.

We found a Norwegian Forest Cat on another vineyard which made us really homesick. We were more to cuddle the cat then trying wine. The quality of the wine weren´t really good so we didn´t buy any. In the evening we left for Muir Woods that was really nice. Good timing as well. Most people were leaving when we arrived so we had the park pretty much to ourselves. The Redwood trees are really impressive. Jenny bought some redwood seed for her mother before we left for the hotel.

Big shopping day! We went to look for a bridal gown for Jenny and ended up in really nasty neighborhoods. People weren´t to nice, but we managed to get out of there before something bad happened. Jenny had to give up her Maggie Sottero and was really disappointed. We went shopping other things instead. Went to a really expensive restaurant and got a totally burned steak.

Our last day in San Francisco. It felt pretty good. We had high expectations when we got there, but ended up disappointed. The weather and the criminality were not to our taste. We went up really early, checked out and left for the ferry to Alcatraz. Friends had told us to be there early in the morning so you don´t have to wait for the next ferry. It was colder then usual. We took a cable car to Fisherman´s Wharf and when we got there we clearly understood that we were incorrectly informed. You had to book it weeks before you were going there. So we had to stand on the quay and watch Alcatraz from there. It was the closest we got. Anticlimax- a whole day extra that we had no idea what to do with. We were checked out from the hotel, it was 8 o clock in the morning and our flight wasn´t leaving until 00.15 the following night.

We walked to the Union Street and looked in small shops along the way. We went to Lombard Street and walked down the crooked road. A lot of tourists climbed into peoples gardens and a lot of tourists were standing in line to drive down the street. Can’t be fun living there… We went to a park to get some rest before we walked to Coyt Tower to look at the view.

We went to Chinatown and Little Italy before we ended up at our little favorite restaurant Ceasaro to have a better steak then the previous one. We killed some time by going to the cinema. It was a fitting end to our San Francisco trip.

We went to the hotel to get our bag before we went to the airport. We managed to get the two last seats on an earlier flight so we left two hours earlier then planed.

Photos from San Francisco