Las Vegas

We went straight from the cemetery in New Orleans to the airport to go to Vegas.

We didn´t get to our hotel until after 8pm since the baggage load was extremely slow. It took us three hours to get from the plane to the hotel. Much later then we had expected and we were on a tight schedule.

When we got to Luxor we had completely forgotten that we had booked a junior suite. What a pleasant surprise. It was really nice and we had a marvelous view over the Grand Canyon. We spent the night exploring Luxor before we went to bed.

Jet lag was finally catching up on us. Even though we were exhausted when we arrived in Vegas the previous day we had nearly slept anything. We went up early and had a mega breakfast at Luxor. It’s supposed to be quite famous, but we were not that impressed.

We had booked a one day trip to Grand Canyon, so we took a bus to the airport and from there we were on our way. In the advertising it said that the plane had panorama windows and the pictures looked beautiful. In reality it didn´t and the combination that we bought with Hoover dam was a joke. We didn´t see the dam at all. Ironically we ended up in a Japanese group so the guiding was in japanese. By that time the tour company had let us wait for four hours in total and lost our booking three times so nothing surprised us anymore. When we got to the Grand Canyon we waited at the airport for a couple of hours before we had lunch and after that we went to the rim by bus. The view was stunning! It was really amazing and it was really cool watching the birds fly over the canyon. Donkeys walked along really narrow paths up and down the mountain without any trouble at all. We went to two different view points at the South Rim and they were both really nice.

When we were going back to Vegas there was no plane. We had to wait for another couple of hours. When we finally got to Vegas there was another shuttle that took two hours, although the distance only takes ten minutes to drive. By that time we were really irritated and in a bad mood.

We really loved the canyon, but we should have added a couple of days to our trip and drive instead. We didn’t have the possibility to do that, so this was a compromise. We didn´t have much time in Vegas and now we had lost another night (we got totally exhausted to the hotel by 10pm instead of 5pm as they have told us) that we didn´t expect to. We had some strange sandwiches that consisted of ham alone. It was A LOT of meat. We had a great laugh and made lots of fun of those sandwiches. We dragged ourselves out of the hotel to look around. We went to other casinos-Monte Carlo, Bellagio and Caesars Palace. They looked like plastic and we were really pleased that we were staying at Luxor. We looked at the water show outside Bellagio and it was really impressive.

We tried to get some musical tickets, but they were not open in the morning. We decided to rest a bit so we went to the pool instead. The pool area was extraordinary. Really beautiful and we stayed there until lunchtime and enjoyed every minute. We had lunch and gambled for a while.

A big thunderstorm passed the Grand Canyon and it was amazing to look at it from our window. We realized that the weather was on it´s way to Vegas so we rushed out to make it to another casino before the weather hit Vegas, but it was too late. We were soaking wet. We ran from casino to casino in the pooring rain to make it all the way to the Venetian. We saw the most casinos along the way, so it was pretty fun. When we got to the Venetian it was really worth it. It was incredible. Extremely beautiful and well thought-out in every detail. We walked around in the little Venice they have created with the artificial sky, very nice. You can even go by a gondola in there. The water was much cleaner then the water in Venice and the gondoliers sang much better then the real ones to. 😉

Johan wanted to go back to the water show outside Bellagio one more time before we went back to the hotel. When we got there they had just finished a song and people were moving away. We got a really good spot and stood there for a few minutes before they started the show again. You can ask yourself if it was destiny, but they actually played our song-Time to Say Goodbye with Sarah Brightman. When the water show was over Johan proposed …

Photos from Las Vegas