New York

Our first stop on our tour in the US was of course New York.

It felt amazing to take the train from Newark in to town. We nearly got wry neck trying to see all the skyscrapers when we got to Penn station. We were staying in Broadway so we simply walked to our hotel. After checking in we went to Central Park.

Fire engines were everywhere, but not that many police cars. Fascinating to see how the horse carriages moved easily in three-lane traffic circles. It was nice to go to Central Park and see all verdure and how the NY-citizens uses the park in their spare-time to play baseball, having pick nick or just relax.

The heat was really pressuring and we were really tired after the flight, so we bought paninis that we brought to the hotel. Our activity for the night was trying to fix our shower that didn’t quite work. We used our air conditioning as our temporary refrigerator. šŸ™‚

The impressions after the first day were many. The biggest was probably that people were extremely friendly. Not arrogant as people living in big cities often are… All the bad things we’ve heard about New Yorkers felt so unfair. They were among the nicest people we had met.

Jet lag kept us awake all night. We took our first breakfast at Starbucks before we took the subway to Greenwich Village. A really nice and green area. After that we went to Hudson Park and just enjoyed the breeze. The park is really nice with piers that you can sit on if you donĀ“t want to look at people bathing their dogs or playing tennis.

We spent the afternoon in Chinatown and Little Italy. Unfortunately we didnĀ“t see much of Little Italy. It seemed like Chinatown had taken over. Since we already been to China Chinatown didnĀ“t feel very special. We had a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant before we took our aching feet to the hotel.

We rested for a while and then went to the harbor to go on a tour around Manhattan with Circle Line. Not a bad idea in the heat. We got a really good view over the statue of liberty (that you can see best from the water anyway) and went under all bridges around Manhattan. The guide was really good and we got a good completion on our evening. Highly recommendable.

The following day we had some breakfast in our room, much better then Starbucks. We took the subway to the Empire State Building to be there early in the morning since it tends to get crowded. We were lucky and didnĀ“t have to stand in line at all. The view was amazing. We met a bird that was sitting on the wall eating without noticing the height…

We took a walk along 5th Avenue and found a table in the shadow outside the library. Jenny crossed the road to get some really good muffins in a bakery. After that we went shopping and to St PatrickĀ“s Church. It was really nice until we saw enormous American flags inside the church. Too much…

We went to the Rockefeller Center and looked around. Our next stop was the Museum of Natural History. Tired in the heat we took the wrong train and it took us a while to get there. We spent a couple of hours before we went back to the hotel to get some rest.

The following day we went to Chamber Street to explore the southern parts of Manhattan. We passed the City Hall, the Tweed building and many other things on our way to Ground Zero. It felt unreal that the highest building of them all in Manhattan has stood there. Now it was only rubbish left… All the fences were still having notes on them where people were looking for their relatives. It was really sad.

We walked to Wall Street that was a site to see in itself. Really narrow street and very small. More Armani suits by square meter then anywhere else. Guards and roped-off areas everywhere. We were totally exhausted in the heat and went to the closest air conditioning we could find-Mc Donalds. The staff looked pretty confused when we just wanted something to drink and no burgers.

When we had used the air condition enough we went to Battery Park. We were really glad to miss the 2 hour long lines to the ferry that takes you to the Statue of Liberty. By that time it was 35 degrees in the shadow and there was no shadow for the people standing in line. We walked around and enjoyed the views before we took the subway to the Metropolitan Museum. The museum was really good and we definitely want to go back there. It was the best museum weĀ“ve been to with statues, armor, old European furniture, sarcophagus, art and much more. When we were finished we went back to the hotel to pack for New Orleans.

Photos from New York