Wedding Day

Johan proposed to Jenny in Las Vegas in july 2005. Of course she couldn´t even answer him, but finally there was a yes and the circus was a fact.

August 19th the year after the wedding took place at Villa Elfhög in Trollhättan with the closest family and friends.

After one year of preparations the day was finally here. Jenny went to the hairdresser in the morning meanwhile Johan picked up the flowers.

The rain was pouring all day so we had to improvise our photo session. We had our own designed ceremony in the afternoon at Villa Elfhög. Jennys sister Anita was the conductor and she did a really good job. Crille took care of the music and Camilla more or less fixed the rest of it.

We had to toast inside because of the rain, but it was a nice moment anyway. After that we had a three course dinner with some speaches.

The guests were really serious about the weddingprogram and tried real hard to solve the word puzzle inside of it after dinner.

We took our time with our guests before it was time for the dance that we desperately tried to avoid. We couldn´t get away from it, but it was nice in the end. But we will remember Crilles betrayal for a very long time…

When the night was ending we left for our wedding night …

Photos from both the studio as well as the wedding party