We got to Sydney in the evening. It was raining and we got to the hotel soaking wet by seven. We just dropped our bags and went out to get something to eat before going to bed. It was nice with another five star after camping in the outback.

Now we really started to feel our seven weeks long journey. We were really tired. We went shopping and walked through Darling Harbour where we stayed. After lunch we aimed for Mrs Macquaries Point. We walked through Hyde Park, the Domain and the Botanical Gardens. When we were in the Botanical Gardens it started to rain very heavy. We were nearby the restaurant in the botanical so we went there to seek shelter and got ourselves some dinner. It stopped raining so we went outside again, but we didn’t come far until it was pouring again. We sat under a big tree for half an hour before we ran for another shelter were we sat for another hour. It was so magical. We were totally surrounded by cockatoos that were chatting away like maniacs in the trees. It felt very exotic. 🙂

In the end we had to give up and run despite the heavy rain. We ran for the Gallery of Art and made it there ten minutes before closing. We did see some nice art before they closed and we were out in the rain again. We ran from store to store all the way back to our hotel. So we did see what there is to shop in Sydney. 🙂 It was already late so we took a hot shower and relaxed before going to bed.

The next day we aimed for the Rocks, but it was raining heavy again so we went shopping instead. After lunch we made a new try with Mrs Macquaries Point and made it this time. It was a very nice view over the opera house, Harbour Bridge and the bay from there. We walked along the shore to the opera house where we joined an interesting guided walk. Afterwards we bought some tickets for the Don Quixote ballet. We went shopping again and Jenny found a nice Burberry watch that she wanted. A lot of money so she decided to think about it for a while. We got back to the hotel round half past nine so we didn’t do much that night.

National holiday. Nearly everything was closed until 1 so we took a coffee at a coffee shop and just relaxed in Darling Harbour.

We went to the Aquarium but it was crowded so we decided to go late in the evening instead. We went to the IMAX theater and bought tickets for Deep Sea and had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant before we went to see it. After the movies we went to the Aquarium again and it was much better. Not that many people at all. The Aquarium was good and it was exciting to see all the different animals, but we felt really sorry for them as well. A lot of people that were there didn’t respect the animals at all.

First day with no rain! We went to the Rocks and Harbour Bridge. We crossed the bridge, looked at the old blocks in the Rocks and had a stunning lunch at a little cafe. Jenny bought her Burberry watch and we went to see Don Quixote. It was very special since we’d never seen a ballet before. It was really good.

Our last day in Australia. We were so exhausted by now that we didn’t do much. We went to buy some souvenirs for our parents and after that we just relaxed the whole day, completely whacked.

Photos from Sydney