Uluru/Ayers Rock

We were surprised to find Alice Springs that big when we got of our plane. Their airport was bigger then the one in Cairns. At least it felt like that. We took a bus into town and our backpacker place for the day. Our tour started the following morning so we took a walk and looked at the town.

It was really sad to see all the outcast aboriginal people everywhere. It didn’t feel very comfortable to walk in Alice. You felt watched and it was a hostile feeling in the air.

Jenny was looking for a didgeridoo as always and finally found one that was really beautiful with sea turtles painted on it. The store shipped it directly to Sweden so we didn’t have to carry it with us.

It was really hot and we were not hungry so we bought some water and walked back to the hostel to get some sleep.

Up at 5 AM. We packed our things, got some breakfast and waited. Our tour guide was really late. When she finally came we went to her office to check in and after that we were on our way. We went with four finns, two germans, two mexicans and three japanese girls. First we went to a camel farm before going to Kings Canyon. We were having a hard time with the heat. We drank liter after liter but nothing helped. It was around +40 degrees and no shadow so we chose not to climb the Kings Canyon, but to take a walk in the canyon instead. It was beautiful and the nature was very special.

We went to camp in absolutely nowhere. The stars were extremely beautiful and we looked at them all night before going to bed. Since Jenny drank seven liters of water that day she fumbled around dingos when she needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. At least they didn’t eat her. 😉

Went up by 4.30. Had breakfast and went to a cultural center. Very nice. We went to Kata Tjuta to do the Valley Of The Winds walk. It was really good and it wasn’t as hot as the day before. By this time we had absolutely had it with all sand flies so we had bought ourselves very good looking fly nets. But they were definitely a lifesaver.

After that we had to do a fast drive to Uluru to be in time for the sunset. We had champagne and some snacks when we watched the sun set over both Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It was a very special moment.

We had a party bus on our way to the camp and fixed ourselves a well deserved BBQ when we got there.

Early bird! We went up by four in the morning to make it to the sunrise. We stopped along the way to see the rock in complete darkness. It was so powerful.

It was extremely crowded at the sunrise spot. Along with the sunrise came the awful flies again. The sunrise wasn’t as special as the sunset. It was too crowded for that.

Afterwards we did the base walk. That was amazing! Finally we had some space for ourselves. Everybody got to walk in their own pace so we took of before everybody else to get some distance to the others. Then we could just enjoy the view in silence, it was magnificent. When we got back we got to a lookout point over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. After that it was lunch and then we got dropped of by a hotel in Ayers Rock. We spent the day resting and trying to avoid the flies, but we did get out and looked at Uluru a couple of more times.

The following day we checked out and went to the airport to go to our last destination Sydney.

Photos from Uluru/Ayers Rock