Port Douglas

We were surprised when we landed in Cairns. We didn’t expect the airport to be that small. We took a transfer to Port Douglas and arrived in the late afternoon. It was really nice to have a five star hotel for nine nights after constantly changing YHA’s/cheap hotels nearly every day for four weeks. The jacuzzi at the balcony was particularly nice.

We got some food and took a well deserved bath at the balcony.

We walked along four mile beach and ended up in Port Douglas. We looked around in the small shops, but it was very hot and humid so after we had lunch we went back to the pool at the hotel. We were not that impressed by Port Douglas but it’s a good starting point for expeditions in the area.

The day after we went to the great barrier reef. Our tour operator picked us up in the morning and we took of. We were going to snorkel at three different locations. Our guide Fluffy was a marine biologist and gave us a good lecture on our way out to the reef. The reef was totally amazing. It was like a new world opened up under the water. It was pretty rough weather and the wind was blowing a lot but we still managed to see a lot and it was a very exciting day. When we got back to the hotel we were completely blown away by the beauty of the sea.

Unfortunately we left for Kuranda the following day. We were going to take the beautiful train route there, but when we got there we realized that most of it was cancelled and nobody had told us. Everybody else had got their money back. The train section only lasted for five minutes in each direction. Jenny was really pissed off and phoned the tour company and demanded a refund. We got some of our money back, but we were stuck in Kuranda for the whole day and there were other things we would have liked to do instead. We took the sky rail back and were back in Port Douglas in the evening. We stayed by the pool the following day…

After a lot of thinking we went to Cape Tribulation as planned. We had seen a lot of rainforests by now and were not sure whether to go or not. When we planned our trip from home we didn’t know that five of our tours were including a lot of rainforest.

We were only six people in one car and it felt pretty good. Our first stop was at Mossman Gorge where we took a walk in the rainforest. After that we took a boat trip at the Daintree River. We didn’t see too many animals, but we saw some snakes. We continued by car and had lunch after another walk in the rainforest. Jenny went to the bathroom and was joined by a lot of plate-sized spiders.

After lunch we went to Stingray Bay that was amazingly beautiful. We had the beach by ourselves, except for all the soldier crabs.

We went to the Cape Tribulation Beach where we met a cassowary in the wild. That was really cool. The beach itself was crowded and not very exciting. It was raining so we were going back towards Port Douglas. We stopped at Alexandra Lookout before eating some homemade ice cream at the Daintree Ice Cream Factory. They had an enormous spider in their garden that we studied for a while.

We took a swim in the pool and did some BBQ when we got back to Port Douglas.

We were going to spend our last day by the pool but we spent it on the phone instead. It turned out that our outback tour we were going to take the following day had been cancelled without anyone telling us. We found out when we called to confirm our tour. We had booked our flights to fit the program so we didn’t have any time for divergences. The tour company offered us a better program that we accepted. When we talked to them in the afternoon again they were mistaken about the tour route so we had to rebook our flight tickets and hotel room in Sydney if we were going to take that tour. We spent the entire day talking to Qantas, the tour operator and different hotels. We didn’t solve it that day, so when we left for the airport the following day we had no idea of what to do when we got to Alice Springs. We talked to the tour operator at the airport and the only way to solve it was to take a tour that was one day shorter then the original one and spend a day at a hotel in Ayers Rock before continuing to Sydney. Not a good option, but it was the only option we had …

Photos from Port Douglas