We took an early morning flight from Christchurch to Brisbane. It was nice to finally get some warmth. Even if we were lucky with our weather in NZ, it had definitely got worse along the way.

We checked in at our hotel/hostel or whatever you would like to call it. We were absolutely thrilled. We got our own bathroom! That was really nice after three weeks of sharing.

We left our bags and went out to get some food and buy clothes and shoes. We found a little restaurant with a really good lasagna, so Jenny purred like a cat for the rest of the day.

We went looking for shorts and some easter candy. After a couple of hours we ended up eating chocolate easter bunny’s on a bench in a park. Jenny got a little sentimental not being at home and fixing the balcony as she always does every easter, but when we got a text message from home telling it was snowing it felt pretty good sitting there in the sun.

In the evening we booked ourselves on a tour to Australia Zoo the following day, simply because it was the easiest way to get there.

The van picked us up in the morning. The driver had worked at the zoo and was friends with the Irwin family that runs it so we got to hear some pretty good stories.

The zoo was extremely commercial- Steve and Bindi was everywhere. Every pencil, every column. It was a little bit too much for our taste, but it was nice to see the animals. The crocodile show that we saw was very good.

We spent the whole day at the zoo looking at all kinds of Australian animals before we went back to Brisbane. Our driver stopped at a pineapple farm so we bought really fresh delicious pineapples.

We packed our things in the evening since we were going to Fraser Island the day after. We went to the meeting point to be sure where to be picked up. What a circus! The pickup spot wasn’t where we thought it was, so we were running around with our huge backpacks all over the central station. We finally got to the place in time and we were on our way. Our driver and guide was also the owner of the company. He had spent nearly all his life at the island and really knew what it takes to drive on it. And WHAT to drive. Elvis had the biggest vehicle of them all.

When we got to Fraser Island in the afternoon we went to the 75 mile beach first. What a wonderful beach! We were already soaking wet after our lunch break with a lot of rain, so we were lucky that it wasn’t raining at the time so we could dry up a bit. We found some aboriginal food in the sand on the beach before continuing to the “invisible” Wanggoolba Creek.

After a rainy tour in the rainforest we went to Lake Birrabeen to take a bath. It started raining when we were in the water and the little we had left that was dry was now soaked. We went to Eurong Resort and had dinner. We had a few beers with some English people and Jenny played the Didgeridoo before going to bed.

Woke up by the rain falling on the roof. It sounded like the roof was coming down on us.

This day we went to Yiddney Dripping Rocks, Pinnacles, Maheno shipwreck and Eli Creek. The ship wreck was really rusty by this time. It was sold to Japan to be used as a warship, but sank outside Fraser.

Eli Creek was really dirty and there was a lot of trash lying around. For some reason everybody went to take a swim in the really cold water with all the nasty trash everywhere. We didnĀ“t…

We went back to Brisbane in the afternoon to pack for Port Douglas.

Photos from Brisbane