My name is Johan Grotherus, and I am the male part of the household.

I enjoy traveling a whole lot, being the one carrying around our backpacker rucksack most of the time. But I don’t complain as I get to see and experience interesting places around the globe. Its always a pleasure to strap on the backpack and head off somewhere … not quite as easy before when I have a little kid.

Besides from traveling I  like to read and and watch movies. Movies have always been a big part of life, and still is. Be sure to visit the greatest movie site on the Internet, IMDB.I will be utterly sad if ever “The Godfather” loses 1st place on the top movie ranking. If you have not seen the Godfather trilogy, see it. You wont regret it.

I also play tennis twice a week to make sure I don’t get to lazy. Its great fun, and a good workout. Otherwise I am not great when it comes to working out and stuff … maybe some other day I usually say.

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