We went for a game drive in the northern parts of Serengeti. We were going with the Americans that day and they were really upset when we went out of the car in the middle of the park to do our business. If you got to, you got to. At least there weren´t any lions around. 🙂

We saw the great migration and it was fantastic. We were just sitting in the car for half an hour watching them pass by really purposefully. The zebras took care of the gnus as usual. There were also elephants around. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget.

Since we were really close to the border to Kenya where elephant hunting is permitted the elephants were really aggressive. They attacked our car and we had to shut it down and sitt still for a while. Their eye site is not the best, they localise themselves by their ears. We went for another game drive in the evening and we saw to leopards on a rock. They were really cute and much smaller then we expected. Amazing!

The day after we had to stay at the lodge since Johan was really bad. The others went on a game drive in the morning. We had to get out of bed by lunch since we were to leave the area. We stayed resting and listened to the baboons running over our roof and trying to get in to our room from the balcony. We were listening to the birds and it was really strange to hear birds that comes to Sweden in the spring sing outside. It felt a little bit like home. After lunch we went to another lodge in Serengeti. We weren´t sleeping and we nearly hallucinated so we considered stop taking the Malarone.

We stopped by a “hippo-pool” along the way. It was so cool. A lot of hippos lying in the water and making noice. They were snuffling and throwing water so you could hear it 100 meters away. At the next lodge we got another nurse for Johan that they picked up in a little village nearby. It took three hours before she came. She gave both of us medicines. Johan got better, but Jenny went really bad by the medicines and had horrible nightmares.

We had a hippo outside our window that was eating the grass in straight lines so it looked like a lawn mower. It got pissed and attacked our house four times. It felt like the whole house was falling apart.

Photos from Serengeti