We came to the crater in the afternoon. Or rather the rim. It had a beautiful view, but it was really cold. The air was so thin and clear, it was unbelievable. You just stood there by the rim, looking down and it was just… silent. The lodge was situated at the rim so we had a marvelous view from our room. We rested and enjoyed the view that evening and went down to it the following day. It was really steep. The drivers had to drive really carefully to go down there on the very bad rows. The landscape was amazing. All animals live their entire life down there (except for the elephants that climb up sometimes…) They have there own ecosystem and the animals migrate within the crater from one side to the other.

The roads were really bad and it was incredibly dirty. We drove through white clouds of dust and sand without being able to see through the windows at all. It was unfortunately a lot of people and it was sometimes like a zoo with all the jeeps. It was by far the most crowded park we visited. But it was really worth it. We saw lions really close. Jenny had her window open and her hand outside the car when a lion walked beneath it, only 10 cm from her hand. It felt really tempting to pet it, but not a good idea. 🙂

We saw pelicans, ostriches, more zebras and gnus, cheetahs, thieving baboons, hippos, african buffalo, rhinoceros, hyenas, jackals, gazelles and antelopes of all kind.

When we got back to the lodge Jenny had a high fever and was shaking all night in her bed under five blankets…

Photos from Ngorongoro