Our first safari day. Predators Safari Club met us at the hotel and it turned out to be we, two Czechs and six Americans. We went with Augustino, the two Czechs and a really cool 71 year old former pilot from Maui. The other guide Shaba (who turned out to drive like a car thief) took the rest of the Americans.

After changing some money in Arusha (where the staff were sleeping on their desks despite the fact that there were customers in the office) we went towards Tarangire. We stopped by a cultural center that sold beautiful souvenirs. When we got to Tarangire we had our picknick lunch before going on our first game drive.
Tarangire is known to be a good elephant park, but we also saw a lot of antelopes, zebras, birds, giraffes, ostriches and gnus. The nature was really special and we were totally amazed by all the impressions. Our first game drive day was definitely one of the best.

We met an entire lion family. There wasn´t much people in the park that made it possible to watch the animals really close with no other people nearby. For instance we stood a couple of meters from an eating elephant for over 15 minutes. The whole tree sounded when it ate and it sounded as you were shaking carpets when it whisked away flies with its ears.

The giraffes were pretty shy in the beginning and ran away hiding when we came. Finally we found one that was more curious then the others. Jenny stood up in the car to get a better view through the roof but the giraffe had hidden its head behind a branch so she bent down to see the head from another angle but still couldn´t see it. She sighed and gave up. Then the giraffe bent down to look at her instead. It was really interested in her and followed her for nearly ten minutes.

When we arrived at the lodge we took a quick swim in the pool before dinner. It was really fun talking to the other people in the group. The Americans had a lot of prejudices against Swedish people. They were really surprised we weren´t blonde. They were forgiven when they thought we were ten years younger then we are. 🙂

Jenny sneaked out of bed in the early morning the day after to see if she could see any animals from our balcony. She was lucky. We had elephants outside eating breakfast. Amazing. We checked out and took another game drive where we saw seven elephants drinking water. We had our picknick lunch and went to Ngorongoro in the afternoon.

Photos from Tarangire