After a long flight we finally landed early in the morning in Nairobi. The airport is a hub in Africa, but it was still a surprisingly small airport.

We didn´t sleep a minute on the plane so were really tired when we stood out in the cold waiting to identify our bag. Yes, that´s right. You needed to tell the staff which bag was yours, otherwise it wouldn´t reach it´s final destination. The bags came two and two so it took some time, but we finally got our bag and we were of to Kilimanjaro.

We were taken to the hotel in Arusha. We were so tired so we had trouble staying awake. Jenny actually fell asleep and fell of her chair while waiting for the dinner to be served. The evening was spent taking care of Johan’s foot that had gone blue and swollen. Side affects of the Malaria prophylaxis.

Photos from Arusha