Stag Party

Johan’s friends came to the apartment and stormed in while he was watching a movie. They gave him an Iron Maiden t-shirt to put on and some brew to drink. Then into the car and headed south, stopping at McDonald’s for 2nd breakfast (as a hobbit would put it) and then they headed for Liseberg. They had a great day there, competing against each other in different events. The funniest thing was air hockey, they laughed really hard around the table.

After Liseberg they headed out and practiced some frisbee golf. Fun, and they kept filling Johan up with different brews along the day. Then they headed home to the apartment, where Jenny (the wife to be at that moment) had prepared a bag with Johan’s tennis outfit. They headed off to the tennis court where Johan was forced to play against three people at the same time. By this time he wasn´t really sober, but still managed to beat them anyway. They finally ended up at the university, watching the Matrix movie after that they had digested pizza. Later on they joined the bridal shower at Bishops Arms for a great ending of the day.

Photos from the Stag Party