My name is Jenny Grotherus and I´m the female part of this household.

I´m 36 years old and work as a consultant within business intelligence.

Traveling is my life and a backpacker on the central station makes me happy for a week, but otherwise I´m in to really good food and wine.

I´m a creative person who likes to create things, regardless if it´s about scrapbooking, sewing, welding, painting, baking cakes or cook.

In my sparetime I´m trying to work out as often as I can, but most time is spent on rebuilding our house and finding new exciting places in the world that I need to discover. I really love animals and would like to have the house full of them, but for now our cat will do.

The more you travel and see in the world, the more you realise how lucky you are. I´m trying to live my life after what I think is right so I´m trying to do my part of charity. We are supporting Medicins Sans Frontieres and Kattslussen.